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    I have been reading the various topic threads from the main index and many folks reference “community” and talk about we need to be building that community now…getting to know each other, share our knowledge bases, etc.

    The importance of not going it alone is not lost on me; but realistically, how beneficial is it going to be for me to build “community” with people who live miles and miles away? They’re not my BOL. They aren’t the people I’ll be “hunkered down” with. If it all does hit the fan, I may not even be able to communicate with someone who isn’t within a few hundred feet of my front door…possibly within my own basement!

    I’m not trying to be unsociable; I’m really a very friendly person. And I TOTALLY get the importance of safety/success in numbers. I’m just trying to wrap my brain around how everyone is using the term “community”.

    How I define “community” is the six or so families that live on that dead end street out in the country where that 3 acres I’ve got my eye on is located. If I’m fortunate enough to acquire that propety, those guys will be my community, not someone who lives 40 miles from me.

    Is what I’m asking making sense? I don’t want to come off as being snobbish. I guess I’m trying to understand how the term is used as well as explain why I’m not falling all over myself to sign up for any meet-and-greets.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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