Diatamaceous Earth

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    Today I spent a bit of time researching DE. Cin mentioned that she uses it in her rice before storing it to prevent bugs. I was intrigued since I really had no idea what DE was. After doing some research, I bought some and am hoping to use it on some tent worm nests that are forming in some of our trees. I have also had ant problems in our generator and have not found a good solution to eliminating them. Hopefully this will do the trick as it was very expensive to replace the motherboard and I don’t want to do that again! I will also use some DE around the house to cut down on ants, spiders, and earwigs. I love the idea that is is non-toxic (and even beneficial) to humans and pets, but I will still use it sparingly outdoors since it is toxic to bees. I like the idea that i could use it on our dogs for pest control since I don’t use nor do I trust pet meds. I think having the knowledge to use natural alternatives to pest problems is valuable and could vastly increase heath and comfort levels regardless if SHTF or not. I still have some more research to do but I am glad to have learned about this.

    Do any of you use DE? Please share…..


    I have a large bucket of it – I think I got it from a Bishop’s Warehouse (Mormons). In the many years I’ve had it, I only have used about 1/3 of the bucket. We built our house on a 4 foot crawl space, so it’s way off the ground, and we don’t have a lot of bugs in the house at all. When we do, I sprinkle it around.

    I also put 1/4 cup or so in the 5 gallon grain buckets, inside the mylar bag and stir it around to mix it up good. We’ve eaten out of these buckets with no problems.

    When we did suspect the dog might have brought ticks in, I sprinkled it on our area rugs and let it sit a few days. Never found one before or after, but its a decent precaution.

    Karen Calloway

    Good that at least you have researched about De. However, does this really help to prevent from bed bugs? And If it works better to use these techniques instead of using chemicals.


    Although it is non-toxic, DO wear a dust mask and avoid inhaling the dust, as DE can seriously scratch and scar you lung tissue! If you ever saw a bit of DE under a microscope, you would see why. Although it feels (and looks) soft and powdery to us, it kills bugs by scratching/tearing their exoskeletons, which leads to dehydration and death. So use it, yes (I have and use it myself) but BE CAREFUL not to breathe it in! Also, don’t use it when it’s windy out…you do NOT want to get in in your eyes!

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