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    For those who prefer using smokeless & odorless Liquid Paraffin Lamps & fuel, A la – Cracker Barrel restaurant’s decorative Country Oil Lamps – using a disposable one-use only fuel cell. Here’s where they & restaurant suppliers get them & at very fair prices direct: https://store.lejo.com/ProductResources.aspx

    The disposable dbl-wicked fuel cannisters cannot be refueled since the wicks are NOT adjustable.
    BUT – the refills are perfect for guaranteed burn time & easy storage. Otherwise – they’re $4.99 each from Cracker Barrel restaurants OR
    $4.50 each at lejo.com direct.

    You can also pick up a set of TWO – 2.5 gallon container / BULK Fuel packs for $69.97 .I MUCH prefer liquid parrafin to kerosene lamp fuel any day. NO smoke, ordor, or migraines from using them for prolonged periods of time like kerosene or lesser quality parrafin oil lamp fuels.

    They also supply wonderful recloseable / reusable & AFFORDABLE “sterno-like” fuel cells too!
    Check them out for your prepping / emergency supply lists. HTH – Teri

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