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    whats for dinner guys?? baked beets nice salad hummus with sourdough bread chips n dip!



    Ate a bolana sandwich be fore i headed out for my shopping trip.now im eating tater chips.and for supper.ribeye steak,with steak rub.baked tater,with all the fixings.and ranch style beans.



    Too hot today to cook much, so it was leftovers. Reheated the stroganoff from a couple of nights ago (it actually tastes better now that the flavors have had time to blend) and pulled the leftover cucumber/onion salad from last night out of the fridge.

    Tomorrow I’ll be making a pot of my homemade chicken soup.


    My fixed spaghetti for supper… I have been fighting with our little ford ranger all day. I had to take the fuel tank off and repair a crack and replace the fuel pump… Hopefully I will have it back together tomorrow..

    (Heavy sigh) I’m getting to old for this…



    Homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. Started it this morning and cooked all day long. YUM!



    Shepherd’s Pie with Strawberry shortcake for dessert.



    Today’s dinner (the parents are coming over).

    On the grill outside – Souvlaki (seasoned pork skewers)
    Tzatziki sauce (Yogurt sauce with minced cukes, scallions, and garlic)
    Fresh salad
    Roasted potatoes
    watermelon chunks

    Served with iced tea and “lime” water (3 slices lime, 3 slices cucumber, a sprig of torn mint in a half gallon cold water).

    Coffee after, and then they head home to watch TV.



    Sunday dinner was “mock veal parmesan”…in other words, country fried steak topped with my homemade/canned spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese with stuffed baked zucchini (from a zucchini that I grew/harvested.)

    Last night was meatloaf/gravy and mashed potatoes and cucumber/onion salad.



    Leftovers – Steak, with a side of Steak.



    Beef ribs and baked beans.



    Sunday dinner was smoked chicken quarters. Got two packages of chicken quarters at $0.59/lb then a further manager’s 50% off coupon for short date. Brined them overnight on Saturday and smoked them for a few hours on Sunday for an early dinner. Added stuffing and frozen broccoli to complete the meal.
    Have been enjoying the leftovers the last few days. Last bit of it is in the work fridge for lunch today.
    Incredibly moist and flavorful from the Apple chips we used to smoke them with. Will definitely look for the next sale on those!


    Baked breaded chicken nuggets and cut up in salad very light and filling

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