Disaster Food Stamps for Louisiana

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    Louisiana’s Department of Social Services has a disaster food stamp program. Ok, I will be the first to not recommend even thinking about planning on relying upon this or upon any assistance from Papa Bama or from Uncle Bobby J. or any others, but it might help some.

    Here is the link, look about half way down the page: http://www.dss.state.la.us/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false; Look further down and you can also find locations where you can deposit unwanted babies and look to the right to shop for kids to adopt (thinking about doing the later myself, never the former though).

    I have never applied for disaster food stamps, but my understanding is that it is a food stamp program to help families, even if they don’t normally receive food stamps or other assistance, in the event of a disaster (probably a hurricane in Louisiana). Even if you are otherwise well prepared, I could see this being useful. The power could easily be out for a week or weeks or even a month or more depending upon where you are. Everything in your frig is gone and you have been eating out of your stores. Then the lights come back on…now you might have some help with restocking that frig and such.

    Pre-applying seems like a good idea. During Gustav they set up one of the food stamp application lines near where we went to dump the remains of our trees after we cut them off of our house. Trip after trip, hour after hour, we saw the same faces in line and they did not seem to be having fun.

    Something I wonder about…are disaster food stamps issued in books (old school paper) or do they give out the debit card like ones? Seeing how frequently debit and credit cards work after a hurricane…

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