Disaster for Ravenwood1950 (Drill)

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    Fellow Preppers,
    I have experienced a forest fire in my area due to the dry conditions…my home has been burned out. Thankfully I had my BOB and was able to grab a few things before I had to evacuate.
    Anyone able to render assistance, I will be at my pre-arranged BOL. For anyone looking for me:
    Map to site:
    Exit 205 on I-75…If coming North…take a right and a marker has been left for you in a truck turnaround on the left hand side of the road down just a bit. Maps to the BOL are under the marker.
    For those with GPS, co-ordinates are as follows: N 33 degrees 13 minutes 490 seconds
    W 84 degrees 23 minutes 505 seconds
    Farside has come to my aid and has allowed his cell phone to be used for contact 770-757-5782
    We will be monitoring CB channel 16 after noon times Friday.
    Now is the time to come to the aid of all good men…

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