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    You may have already seen this topic on the general American Preppers Forum, I am placing this here as a personal invite to those in NM.

    I am doing a PhD dissertation on prepping.

    Last night I re-did my timeline to get an approximation on when I would be collecting data. As of now, I will be collecting data during the months of June and July.

    As time gets closer, I will be making the call for participants. Again, your identity will be held in the strictist confidence. All participants will be identified by number. Not even the school, Northcentral University, will have access to your identity.

    I am looking for around 10-20 interview participants. Tentative questions include “what circumstances led you to become a prepper” and “how did prepper social networking influence your decision to become a prepper”.

    Also, if you live in the New Mexico area, I am looking for 2-4 individuals/families who will be willing to meet face-to-face and possibly be willing to let me observe your prepping activities. Activities can be as simple as inventorying or other activities. I would love to participate in your activities and perhaps we can learn from each other. These meetings will be very informal with specific questions similar to those for the interview participants. I will take notes and possibly record, with your permission. I live in the ABQ area.

    Once the data collection is over, I will get with each participant to cross check the results to ensure their information is accurately accounted for.

    If you would like to participate, please email me at ncudissertation@hotmail.com

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