Divide NYS into 2 states – did you know about this?

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    This is news to me, but apparently it’s a movement that is growing (rallies, place on 2017 Constitutional Convention ballot, etc.) What do you think?


    Divide NYS into New Amsterdam Region & New York Region

    :gunsmile: Two Autonomous Regions
    The State of New York really should be two separate states but two autonomous regions should be easier to achieve. NYS contains a tremendously diverse population and is unique in its dichotomy. The overwhelming majority of the state consists of small to medium sized communities set in a rural and suburban climate; generally conservative values blend with moderate liberal ideals to create a unique political platform. Meanwhile, the downstate counties that make up New York City are significantly more liberal leaning in their values and are world famous for the size and power of the most significant city in the world. It is equally unfair to both upstate and downstate residents to share a representative government; the vast differences in lifestyle and aspirations demonstrate that both downstate and upstate should have their own autonomous governments so as to more effectively serve their constituents.

    Our Secession plan calls for establishing a more republican form of government than the strange form of democracy NYS currently has which allows Downstate state to rule upstate which destroys good paying jobs upstate , while upstate can occasionally block things downstate wishes to enact. We would form Two Autonomous Regions the New Amsterdam Region (upstate) and the New York Region (downstate) alongside a token state government to comply with the US Constitution. The token NYS government that remains would have about the same power as the Queen of England! Because we are forming regions not a new state or moving counties between states; Congress can be legally bypassed. If NYS Legislature fails to act, this plan also has the option to bypass the NYS Legislature; because every twenty years the people of NYS get to vote on whether to hold a NY State Constitutional Convention. If we vote YES on the NYS Convention, Delegates are elected for the Convention the following November. The Convention can then submit an amendment to divide NY State into regions with token state government directly to the voters. The next time the Convention vote will be held is Nov 2017. Our autonomous regions method is more likely to succeed!

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