DIY Rat Packs/MRE’s

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    Does anybody make their own RatPacks/MRE’s?
    Could be for storage in your BOB or just for that extended backcountry hunting trip.

    Here in Australia, it’s illegal to possess an ex-army ration pack, as for some reason they are classed as a “range product” and not available for civilians. There are various other mobs here that do imitation packs or imported ones from New Zealand, but they are all expensive as hell.
    So just looking for ideas for homemade ones you guys use.

    Do you use store bought items or premake meals with your dehydrator?
    Would possibly be looking for items that aren’t high in sugar and may or may not need to be cooked depending on the situation, maybe a “hot pack” and a “cold pack” for a cookable pack and a raw pack 😕

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