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    Here’s a pretty good post about why, what, and where to store important documents and copies.″ onclick=”;return false

    From the article:
    Here’s a list of documents that you should have a copy of for each family member (where applicable):

    * drivers license (front and back)
    * passports
    * insurance cards
    * social security cards
    * credit cards (front and back)
    * proof of ownership or lease of your residence
    * vehicle, boats etc. proof of ownership (copy of title, bill of sale etc)
    * bank account numbers and other financial information
    * legal documents and wills
    * a recent family photo with names
    * phone and address information for in and out-of-state emergency contacts
    * birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates
    * important business documents
    * photos of valuables for documentation of insurance claims
    * medical records (immunization etc.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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