Does Anyone Still Sew?

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    I’ve been thinking about picking up sewing again and stumped on where to begin!! I found it so relaxing.

    My grandmother taught me to sew and I’m old enough to have been forced to take awful Home Ec when they still thought homekeeping was a worthwhile skill to learn! I haven’t sewn in years. I no longer have a machine and I’ve pretty much been either mending or putting a hem in a pair of drapes to recycle them.

    I have 2 great pair of sleep pants that have seen better days and I thought OMG, I could get some stretch jersey knit at JoAnn and MAKE a few pair for just a couple of bucks!!

    I printed out some great basic info on threads, needles and hand stitching to put in a reference binder. I haven’t come up with anything like videos or simple teaching dvd’s.

    Any ideas other than stalking the clerks at Joann? I really need some suggestions for a basic machine. I’ll skip the computerized ones for now.

    Since I’ve started prepping, I’m channeling my Grandma! 😆

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