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    So I am stuck in town a few more days than expected waiting for parts, and passing time by reading the local paper. I saw this and it reminded me of how wrong life can go when you watch to much reality TV and overestimate your abilities.

    MCGRATH, Alaska (AP) – An Alaska State Trooper in a floatplane rescued a 29-year-old New York City man who set out to build a cabin and live in the wilderness.

    Vladimir Yakushin was picked up Wednesday on the north fork of the Kuskokwim River about 120 river miles northeast of McGrath.

    Troopers described him as low on food and distraught.

    Yakushin had been dropped off nine days earlier at a lake.

    He told troopers he concluded he was not equipped to build a cabin or remain in the area.

    A friend he expected to meet did not appear and a satellite phone he rented didn’t work.

    Yakushin hiked to a river and attempted to float out on a small raft. A state wildlife biologist and pilot spotted him frantically waving his paddles and alerted troopers.

    Must have been tough, lasting those whole 9 days alone. I wonder if it was the isolation that got to him since he still had supplies. I would have thought all the people like this would have wised up after watching “into the wild” and seeing that idiot slowly starve to death. Just another example of poor planning and a lack of common sense. To bad they spotted him, Alaska is in a budget crunch and we spend way to much rescuing people that should probably be removed from the gene pool.

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