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    Hello All! I’m a 57 y/o “newly awakened” Grandmother… & WORRIED about the direction our country & her economy’s going.
    So – “PREPPING” has more or less been natural to Honey & I – being self-employed HVAC contractors with only seasonal paying work.
    We’ve learned over 26 years how to stash & stuff non-perishables & organically grow veggies & herbs on our patio Herb & Veggie Yardens.
    I’m disabled by 4 types of arthritis = so we have huge rows & rows of window boxes planted atop cinder blocks & landscaping ties so I can GET to them! Even with forearm crutches if need be! We literally EAT everything – eventually – we buy or GROW “green” – in that whatever we didn’t consume in the week’s vegetable rotter drawer – we grinddd up into instant compost soils for our next year’s planting season! It’s all done without insecticides since most bugs DON’T like herbs anyway.

    I’m also a luxury fiber Junkie & hand-spinner & even have my own line of unquely adaptive – electronic spinning wheels – toys & tools to make handspinning your own yarns easy & affordable to anyone who can sling a string round on a stick!

    SO GLAD to have found you & hope to be a regular contributor & learn from you all too!
    May God Bless – Teri


    Welcome Dreamspinner…we are really glad to have someone with your skills – we can learn much from you! Welcome!


    Ah Ha! Another spinner. All I have right now is a spindle, but I also know how to weave. (don’t knit so well, frustrating) There are many “hand crafts” that compliment self sufficiency (in community). I look forward to sharing and learning.


    Welcome aboard


    @GreenGlove wrote:

    Ah Ha! Another spinner. .

    If / when you’re ready to learn more about handspinning – I’m more than happy to be your shameless Enabler!
    Take a look at my spinning blog & see what I make to help just about anyone who can pinch their thumbs & forefingers together slightly, to spin with the best of them! I can crochet ANYTHING – but – in the last year while mastering spinning a 2 ply finished near sport weight yarn consistently – I’ve learned that knitting takes WAY LESS of my precious handspun yarnage than does crocheting & oddly enough – It’s FASTER too! About all I make are hugemongous knitted shawls & hats so far – but learning more & more with Tincture of Time & Practice – Practice – PRACTICE!!! Being the Queen of Dyslexics everywhere – that ain’t an easy task! Teaching myself that is! Glad to meet you & hope to someday try my hand a weaving – tho for now, disabilities make sitting UPRIGHT unsupported for long periods very nearly impossible – Hence WHY I designed & created the one & ONLY electronic inter-brand compatible “¬©Universal Dream Spinner” spinning wheel – that I can use, leaning way back comfy in my Lay-Z-Girl recliner & spinnnn for hours & hours at a time. Or for those who cannot DO drop-spindle spinning – like ME – I make the ¬©Sling-Blade Hand-spinner that even a child can spin yarnage easily with – I’m all about confort & ease! Thanks for the kind welcomes – I hope I have something helpful to offer ya’ll too! Teri


    Welcome to our Forum Dreamspinner!

    mr bill



    Welcome Dream Spinner, Lived for a few years in Brunswick when I was a Navy brat. Lot’s of good people here.


    Welcome aboard, Teri.

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