Dry mouth, numbness, burning sensation

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    No doctor in sight:

    There are a bunch of possible causes for suddenly having your mouth go numb, burning, and being so dry you can hardly swallow. Without a medical diagnosis, you probably won’t be able to pin it down, but there are some remedial things you can do to ease the symptoms. The good news is that this condition is almost always temporary.

    Common causes: thrush (salt water gargle, eat yogurt or Align or something of that nature.)

    Numbness/dryness can be caused by trauma in the mouth like if somebody punched you in the head. If your hearing becomes super sensitive, one eye doesn’t close properly, and your face is a saggy, it may be Bell’s Palsy — which is also usually of short duration. It’s not as awful as it sounds. The cause is viral, so like a cold, you wait it out. (I don’t know how head trauma would lead to a viral infection. Just repeating what the doctor told me.) For the dry mouth part, sipping water is not the best idea in the long run because it dilutes what saliva you do have and need for eating. Chewing gum is slightly better. The best suggestion is (see below) sour candy. The relief lasts only as long as the candy, but without medical care, you take what you can get.

    Blocked salivary gland. If you can feel or see a tiny lump, that might be it. The best thing you can do is suck on the sourest lemon candy you can find or make. The sourness stimulates all your salivary glands and might (might) push the blockage through. You can also apply warm compresses to your face in hopes of relaxing the gland.

    Aunt Bee

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