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    Greetings All:

    I keep seeing all these advertisements about e-books, what good will e-books do anyone after an EMP? I’m thinking most laptops and note pads and such will be pieces of junk. Now unless you have squirrelled away one in your faraday cage for if that should happen. But I think most of us have ours our and use them every day. Now; not to say I don’t have a few e-books, I do; on Nook and Kindle Fire. I carry them around with me for reading while I’m waiting somewhere.

    But me; I’m the old fashion type, I like books, all kinds of books. Adventure, True life, Fiction (Survival & Adventure), Educational (Cooking, Prepping, Bushcrafting, Gardening, and the list goes on), so; as you might think, I have a lot of books. But should I need to leave my location, most will be left behind. So, I have those I feel that are most important to me, boxed separately to move if necessary.

    Now I do have an older laptop that I have secured in my faraday cage and charge the batteries from time to time. I also have most every thing backed up on a thumb drive. But I also have hard copies of important documents I may need.

    But with the push by media for e-books, and I see it on prepper & Survivalist sites also. And as I said, I have some too, but also thing I may be wasting my time.

    But; what is your thoughts and if you have e-books, how have you secured them?

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