Earth Day Weekend April 20-22

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    There’s been a lot of talk about a get together so I’m proposing Earth Day. I make it a rule not to disclose my location but I have some private property available for camping not too far from my home. It’s located about twenty miles east of Beckley just off I-64 at exit #133.
    It would be a no frills location but it’s private with a creek running through it and surrounded by wilderness. I’ll set up some portapotties, provide firewood and set up a shooting range for anybody who needs some basic small arms instruction. There’s room for tents, campers and RVs but no power or water hookups.
    It really would be nice to get together and put faces to some names, share information and teach each other skills we’ve learned.
    Earth Day is roughly nine weeks away so we have plenty of time to organize but I would like to get a list of people who are interested and the number of people in your party.
    This will be my only attempt at organizing a gathering and the date is locked in, rain or shine, so don’t ask me to change it. You make it or you don’t.
    So there it is…let’s roll. :gunsmile:

    Your Friend

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