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    An ‘Oldie, but Goodie from original American Preppers Network that I saved in my files:



    Re: Baking if no eggs are available

    There are a lot of products one can substitute for eggs in baking/puddings/etc but it can be a little bit of trial and error for which substitute will work best for each recipie. I use applesauce, bananas, blended tofu, or a product called ener-g egg replacer most often. Other options are agar agar, ground flax seed, & potato starch. A search for vegan egg substitutes will pull up quite a bit of information as well as recipies. Here’s one site to try for some how to’s.

    Egg Substitutions

    Many want to avoid eggs for myriad reasons – health, culture/religion, likings etc. Although adding eggs makes the end product so much better, it does not mean that we cannot do without it. There might be some compromise in taste and texture but for most of the cases the end result is still pretty much decent sans eggs too. Here is a list which comes handy to me while I am making such a recipe. — CONTINUED—

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