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    John Galt 1

    I’ve been reading and occasionally posting here for a few months and was surprised at how few actually have long term methods to harness power beyond muscle power (man or beast). Mankind’s ability to harness energy is what allows us all to increase what we can do,,,, without harnessing that power there would be no electric lights, a lot less food, and less time to develop ways to improve your family’s life. Manpower vs all the energy the earth and sun has to give us.

    I like my flashlight and my night vision monocular will help protect my family if the grid goes down. A tractor with fuel can really speed up food production; an electric grinder can seriously speed up grinding those grains. It all takes energy, the same energy that spured the Industeral Revolution.

    Solar, wind, hydro are all ways to harness that energy for years if SHTF ever happens. Energy storage methods such as rechargeable batteries or a dam to hold hydro energy for future use. I’d sugest we concider these multipliers when builying your supplies.

    Don’t tell us what we have, instead use this thread to ask and learn how to produce or store energy with what you’ve got or what items you may need to add to your preps.

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