emergency home repair supplies

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    we talk about food storage food growing food preserving..we talk about water storage water purify water usage..has anyone considered construction items??
    nails screws window glass plywood etc..if someone just happens to drive by and throw a brick through your window during a riot or upheaval do you have glass to replace that window? if you get a bunch of bullet holes in the side of your house do you have something to fill them..if during a snow storm after SHTF and your hunkered down a tree branch lands on your roof do you have the means and parts to fix it? a house that is not intact makes it even tougher to survive during a bad situation..your beets and beans may make your belly full but that mason jar wont fix the broken window..building supplies may be very hard to come by when you need them most so now maybe the time to pick up some nails and screws and plywood, plastic tarps, battery operated tools and hand tools..this would be for both current and BOL houses if you have them, but it is very important for those of us that will have to stay in place ..i dont care how big your woodstove is it wont heat a house with a hole in the roof..

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