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    The terror risk to our national power grid: Could the Lights Go Out

    Former energy secretary on vulnerability of US power grid

    Judge Jeanine: Vulnerability of US power grid


    This is still an important topic. In addition to EMP, there are plans by several countries to take down our grid by cyber attack and at least one plan to augment that with physical attack (a test run on this plan was carried out in California on 15 APR 2013, while the country was preoccupied by the Boston Marathon bombing.

    There have been some efforts over the past dozen years to strengthen the grid against attack (some were covert, so not many of us were aware) but the grid, on the whole, remains very vulnerable.

    Physical and cyber attacks seem to be the main concern for our corporate leaders, so they are currently getting the most attention.
    Trump’s Grid Cybersecurity Directive
    Discussion of Cyber Attack on US Grid

    Discussion of the Grid and EMP

    Illini Warrior

    there’s been dozens upon dozens of physical attacks on the various grid infrastructures around the country – a great many kept secret & labeled as something else …. with the employment push for ethnics – the security agencies are going to be knocked over by the enemy infiltration that’s been accomplished >>>> that’s without counting the idiot sympathizers that can & have been committing purposeful sabotage for the “cause” ….


    Illini Warrior said:

    there’s been dozens upon dozens of physical attacks on the various grid infrastructures around the country – a great many kept secret & labeled as something else …

    I have no doubt that there are plans for dozens of attacks on our infrastructure, but I don’t have any evidence of such already happening. What is more, widespread attacks would only serve to give us impetuous to harden our grid against such attacks, and therefore would be counter productive.

    If you have evidence of such attacks, I am all ears, but until then I will add this to the urban legends file…


    No it’s not the electrical grid, but one example of infrastructure vandalism I was already aware of, from a few years ago:

    Note, there’s no commercial reason for this, not like the very common practice of copper theft that happens across various utilities for the recycling money. This was a deliberate severing of communications.


    I wouldn’t be so sure there is no commercial reason. I know of someone why sabotaged an air conditioning unit in an apartment complex he was wanting to buy, to lower the price. This could be similar. Run up expenses, and place bets accordingly…

    Or, more likely, they wanted to take down someone’s alarm system so they could more easily carry out burglaries. Note this article says INet service was “curtailed.”
    Fiber Cut

    The Grid attack I am aware of in California on 15 Apr 2013 included a fiber cut to prevent alarm systems and phone calls from reaching police, and was designed as a test to see how long it would take to kill the transformer station and how long it would take authorities to arrive.

    Of course, the authorities are not willing to discuss these things…

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