Eneloop charge after 3 years of storage

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    So I broke out the eneloop batteries I have had stored since May of 2012. So its not quite 3 years but close.

    I put them into a smart charger and did the drain and recharge on them. Found according to the charger that 25% of them were at about 75% charge. 25% of them at about 50% and the other half less then 25% charge. This was indicated by the LCD panel on the charger, not sure how accurate that is but thought I would share none the less.

    I just wanted to make sure I recharged them.

    I just added a bunch of Tenergy to my inventory. We also have Duracells stored. These batteries are for all those rifle sites that take AA batteries that are EMP proofed, plus all those radios and flashlights also EMP proofed.

    I don’t have a lot EMP proofed except Goal0, Solar link radio, Solar chargers, light, comms, rifle sites and yes, music. Life without music would be just to sad.

    I am going to try and get a moderate Solar/Invertor setup tested then EMP proof’d in the next month. I have 3 100W solar panels just laying around, got them on the cheap a few years ago.

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