Escaped from Winter?

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    I have to do some .mil stuff in Virginia for awhile and thought I was getting a reprieve from a Michigan winter, but I may have been mistaken! Up until today, they have been within 20 degrees of home!

    One thing I am sure of now. Michigan is a better BOL ( I like being under rated!) than given credit for. When folks arent used to it, they SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING when there is a little winter. I am sure we will not have many folks venturing North if there is a SHTF event! I think as long as you are a half a tank of gas away from the two MAJOR population centers you are golden!

    I actually miss the winter, I am sure the fish will be biting good under the ice as soon as the fronts are done moving through! I wish I could go home for a weekend to cut down a couple trees for the deer to chew on.

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