Evacuations for LA area

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    APN-National Disaster Reporting Service thanks ReadyMom for notifying us of this update

    From L.A. county fire department http://www.fire.lacounty.gov/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    As of 10 P.M. 01/19/2010

    * Mandatory Evacuation effective 9 A.M. Wednesday for these selected residents in Foothill communities.
    o Acton | La Crescenta | La Canada Flintridge
    * Latest advisory information is available here.
    * Fire Departments Public Affairs information office is staffed and operational for 24 hours. For any evacuation information please call

    Before the Storm

    * Look for potential storm-water drainage or ground assessment near your home or business
    * Develop your own emergency escape plan for your home or business
    * Obtain sandbags from local fire station to provide for water or mud diversion. Construct wall using no more than 25 bags. (In excess of 25 bags may require engineering advice to ensure proper placement and usage.)
    * Clear trash and debris from drainage areas to avoid clogging

    During a Storm

    * Listen to local radio and TV reports for heavy rainfall areas
    * If you live near a stream or channel be alert for sudden increases or decreases of water levels and change from clear to muddy waters may be an indicator of debris flow upstream
    * If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding or debris flow, consider leaving if it is safe to do so.
    * Be aware of your surroundings, listen for unusual sounds , such as breaking trees or signs of debris
    * If you are driving, watch the road for collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks, and other indications of debris flow

    Road Closures Information Here.

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