Evidence based (food)prepping, do we need it?

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    Dear people,

    I have been looking into (food) prepping for the past 6 months now. It occurred to me there any many, many (sometimes bold) statements on how to store food long-term. I’m under the impression that most people just copy others without asking themselves if a certain methods works best, works at all or if similar results could be achieved by simpler means. In other words, it’s mostly (if not all) ‘expert’ based prepping. I’d love to see more evidence based (food) prepping in which one performs a study using a study protocol followed by a controlled trial, much like in medical science. Do any of you know whether any such evidence exists and where it can be found?

    I’m pretty sure this evidence will never come from big corporations or governments for that matter, since they have no incentive to make us more self-reliant. I think an important prerequisite for a prepper is a very critical mindset not only when it comes to big industry or government, but also towards other preppers.

    Here is a list of possible subjects on food storage to study:

    1. Does freezing flour before long-term storing prevent infestation?
    2. Comparing 3 methods for long-term storage of dry solids like … : (1) Bucket method, (2) Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers in buckets, (3) Vacuumed mason jars. Primary outcome: taste after 1, 3 and 5 years. Secondary outcomes: infestation, costs of storing and feasibility.
    3. Pressure canning butter. Primaire outcome: occurrence of botulism. Secondary outcomes: taste.
    4. Vacuuming mylar bags: oxygen absorbers vs chamber vacuuming.
    5. Etc.

    This is only what came to mind, but there will be many more topics in need of methodically solid research.

    I’d love to hear your opinion on ‘expert’ vs evidence based (food) prepping.


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