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    Guess I’ll start this off. I’ve been on both side of the fence with the military…both as active duty member, AND as a “military spouse”. I also grew up as a Navy brat (so I guess that means 3 sides of the fence?). Anyway, as an NCO, my husband’s job was to take care of his troops. As an NCO’s wife, MY job was to make sure that the families were taken care of. (ESPECIALLY when the unit was deployed). In doing so, I’ve done everything from labor coach, shoulder to cry on, to actually take one little gal and show her how to put gas in her car, get a check cashed at the PX (She literally had NEVER done this before, and her husband was on a 2 month deployment!), and provice general counseling for the families.

    So, if any military family member needs some questions answered, or just someone to vent to, I’m here.

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