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    I’d like to talk about how to protect the electronics you have purchased for your survival kit. In the event of a EMP ( Electromagnitic Pulse ) everything electronic in your home will be junk, it will be damaged whether it is turn on or not. So you need to protect your electronics ( Scanners, CB Radios, Ham radios ect ) with a Faraday Cage. Here is an example of how to build a simple Faraday cage http://www.jeddaniels.com/2007/faraday-cage-part-1/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false . There are other examples on line if you do a Google search. In the event of a EMP your vehicles will not start either, all the electronics in them will fry whether the vehicle was turned on or not. , so it may be wise to buy a good bicycle just in case. 😎


    From another thread:

    Cin replied to the topic 2018 SEPTEMBER – What Did You Do To Prepare This Week/Month? in the forum General Preparedness Discussion 4 hours ago

    Had to go to Walmart yesterday for a few things for our trip up north.

    Husband has now completed the two faraday trashcans full of spare equipment. They are labeled and in the LTS.

    What ‘spare equipment’ did he put into this? Inquiring minds want to know! -k

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    Hey, Cin here, answering the question. In the faraday cage:

    A Solar battery charger
    Car battery AC converter
    Solar lights
    A ham radio receiver
    A crank up radio

    And just for kicks – several sizes of batteries.


    Those are good things to have.
    Mind if I as about the Ham Radio Reciever?
    Is it a Tecsun or Degen by chance?
    What is your opinion of the sound quality?


    Hi TRex,

    I’m not sure about the ham radio receiver – Husband packed it away, I never even saw it. I know he tested it when he got it, he said it worked. Other than that, I can’t tell you much.

    He said it was a Midland, if that helps.


    OK, cool.
    There are quite a few brands. Tecsun and Degen are fairly popular among preppers, and I am thinking of buying one, so I thought if you had heard how one of them sounded maybe you could give me an opinion about the sound quality.

    (Non-radio people often have more realistic assessments of radio sound quality. Us radio guys get so used to poor quality sound we tend to overlook it.)


    Here are a few of the items I’ve stored in my various Faraday cages:
    Civil Defense meters, (low range, high range and remote sensor units)
    Civil Defense dosimeters and chargers
    Lots of LED flashlights, some with removable batteries, some integral, some shake to charge (inductive charging with coils and a magnet internally)
    A couple of LED lanterns
    USB battery packs
    a bunch of small solar panels to charge USB battery packs
    two C-Crane solar battery chargers (for AA and D cells)
    two small solar panels that can charge 9 volt NiMH batteries
    A bunch of emergency radios
    four hand-held FRS walkie talkies (short range stuff)
    a couple of digital multimeters
    a few small solar calculators
    a DVD player with integrated LCD screen
    A Kindle with over 1500 books

    and I’m sure I stashed some stuff in them that I’m just forgetting right now…

    One can/cage has one set of radiation gear, one emergency radio, a lantern and a flashlight. This is stored by our shelter entrance for radiological events so we can figure out when it’s safe to exit.

    All my Alkaline and NiMH batteries are stored outside the faraday cages since they have no electronics to be damaged by an EMP pulse. Only the lithium battery packs are stored in the cages, although I charge them up every month or so to make sure they don’t drain past usefulness (some battery packs won’t charge again if the circuitry is drained completely.) I charge the Kindle up monthly and more often when I’m adding a batch of books to it. A 4GB Kindle Touch can hold a LOT of books so I’ve got educational texts, prepper guides, cookbooks, recreational material and more on there.

    Sure, most of that stuff is not strictly survival gear, but I had the cash and thought it might make life less dreary when things get bleak. It’s also why I store sweets in my food storage too…guess I’m just an old softie since I want to do more than just survive. 😉

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