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    Hello everyone,

    This is a shout out for anyone in Philadelphia, Mississippi!

    We are a British documentary crew. We are making a one hour road trip documentary across America for Channel 4, the UK’s most popular national station.

    Our presenter, Gary is meeting and spending time with people in a number of states, from all walks of life. He’s been enjoying American culture and food and hearing about folk’s predictions and their hopes for a new America, now their president elect is in power.

    We will be filming in Philadelphia, Mississippi on Tuesday 1st August.

    We’re including a whole range of predictions and we’re interested in people who think if things don’t play out right, there will be a race war.

    Maybe you’re a family in the area who is pepping for an eventuality like this and hoping for the best?

    I’m open to your suggestions too and would welcome your thoughts from people in the area.

    Any input and direction on this would be helpful.

    Huge thanks for your time everybody and best wishes,



    welcome ,I’m sgt.mike I would be happy to share any knowledge I have with anyone who is interested in learning and listening I’ve been doing this a long time and feel I have a lot to share to others just getting started,you may consider texas friendly people high wages no state taxes and great bar-b-q,friendly neighbors


    my thoughts , I do believe that its only a matter of time, I live in nearby Arkansas and all my life I’ve heard whispers about how bad its gonna be if we have an earthquake along the new Madrid fault line, of course, that terrifies me. Apparently the type of earthquake and what it does to the land here compared to say, California, is completely different and is predicted to be very life changing, or life ending; depending on how u want to look at it. Anyways, I’m always interested in seeing what I can do to prepare

    thanks, angel

    Illini Warrior

    the prep basics are the basics for the various SHTFs across the board … in regard to the possible Madrid Fault SHTF – heavy emphasis on wintertime emergency heat – long term – immediately available … the fuel supply in majority for the area and parts north is piped in natural gas – and the pipelines all traverse thru the quake area and would be disrupted & destroyed beyond simple repair …. no quik & eazy fix – millions would die from exposure in a severe wintertime SHTF ….

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