FINALLY got a start on the garden!

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    Got the top 3 terraces limed and tilled, and got the lime on the bottom terrace. Haven’t tilled it yet, because I’ve still got carrots and turnips that I overwintered in it. Also got some of those wire “tomato cages” that you can open up, and hooked them together on the outside edge of the top terrace and down the outer sides of the terraces to act as both a support for the peas and cucumbers as well as HOPEFULLY helping to keep the (*&^%$* deer out of the garden this year.

    Seeded in peas, spinach, carrots, lettuce, onions (“Robin”, a red variety, and Walla Walla) today, and will get more stuff planted as the weather warms up.

    Also put in Swiss Chard seeds (the variety with the red stems) along the front walkway, and will also plant Scarlet Runner beans for “edible landscaping.

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