Financial Crash, Red Flags, Trip Points and Check Lists

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    Over on Survivalblog, Florida Dave writes about the weeks run up to Hurricane Irma. Pretty good article describing information he got, how he processed it and actions he took.

    If there is one, there is a hundred, financial experts talking stock market crash, and bank failures. Most are selling gold, but I’ll not discount their information, charts and other red flags. I believe we are on the cusp of a great depression. Some can say it has already started.

    Do you have a check list for a financial crisis. Are there trip points that make you go out fill the gas tank on the car and order a couple more buckets-o-food. Knowing in three days time the banks will have crashed and all of your money will be gone.

    And what will it be like afterwords. Another Greece, $64 dollars a day? Or worst.

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