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    So, I started getting real interesting firearms training, tonight. It’s instruction that you take in the comfort of your own home combined with range practice & on-screen simulation plus the instructor will go with you to and assist you with personal gun-fitting/purchasing/pre-purchasing firing.

    I wanted something that was as inclusive as I could get and didn’t want to feel self conscious. I found out about this instruction from a friend who works at PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. The instructor is a former NCIS Marine who also served in Iraq & now works at PEMA.

    I felt really comfortable with the instructor. My friend & I were able to take the ‘class’ together in my kitchen, lol. Since we are ‘newbies’ at gun ownership & use, we both wanted basic instruction. He started with just that. Taking out his own gun and also using my personal gun, he went over the basic anatomy of a gun, taking it apart, basic gun handling & rules of handling. After we were comfortable with the proper hold on a gun, we move to stance w/ breathing control & how that affects your aim & shot. After we determined which was our dominant eye for lining up a shot, we moved on to target simulation. For this, we use a special training ‘gun’ with a laser that has computer components that its tied into. Target is taped to a wall/door, a small camera sends the image of the target to the computer and your shots on the target are tracked on the computer, showing you exactly how your shots look, including any wavering of your hands (if you are shaking at all). Very neat. The entire session lasted 2 hours.

    Next week, the next session is a ‘road trip’ to Trops Gun Shop for my friend where he will be her personal gun-fitter! He’ll help her look at various styles, get the right ‘fit’ and then they will have some range practice with her choice. (I already made my gun purchase, last summer, so I’m skipping this session)

    A few days later, we’re going to have another session (at my house, again) where he will set up a video simulator and we’ll view ‘real life’ situations where we might have to draw a weapon & shoot or not shoot. Kind of like police or military training.

    We can take a step back, review handling, stance or whatever we need till we are completely comfortable with our weapons. He said that his youngest ‘client’ so far has been 12 y/o! He instructed the 12 y/o & their family & 15 y/o sibling. He said by the end of the family training, the 12 & 15 y/o we trained & able to defend themselves if they were in a scenario where their parents were ‘taken down’ and they had to grab their parents weapons.

    I liked how, at one point, he said that with the terror cells that are infiltrated in the USA, families should be prepared to self defend at any given time. I let you know how the rest of my sessions go. He’ll also help us choose & get fitted for a comfortable C&C holster. He pretty much will give as much or as little training as you need. I want all that I can get from someone who is reliable. I’ll let you know how the rest of my sessions go, as we move forward. So far, though, I’d recommend this guy to any of my Central PA friends who are looking for a well rounded personal instructive program!!

    Here’s the website if anyone is interested in seeing more: -k

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