Fire for Dummies – or Newbies.

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    I have several questions about fire – and am hoping I am not the only one looking like an idiot (or dummy!) 🙂 I really just started thinking about things like this, so it’s all new to me. Anyway, here are some of my questions.

    1. I am assuming you all store some type of fire initiator. What is the preffered method for preppers? Matches, lighters, flint, etc? And how to store.
    2. What exactly is flint and how does it work?
    3. Outdoor fires – ok, really stupid, but how to start one? My first “forray” into fire was my husband showing me how to work our coal stove, so I know how to start a fire in there – potentially 😉 But nothing outside of that. I would be able to start a fire in a fireplace, but don’t know how to contain it outdoors.
    and finally:
    4. How would you prepare a fire for cooking anything other than hotdogs and marshmallows?

    I know – old hat stuff, but I am really just getting started – I have been “thinking about” or “researching” for over a year now, and have nothing but food and water. So without power – I’m lost :blush:

    Please, anyone and everyone pipe in. I would like this to be like an ongoing dialogue. Thanks!

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