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    As preppers we all know the value of fire making skills, very important survival skill. I just wanted to share a trick I picked up that is an inexpensive, non time consuming, and very effective way to get a fire started.

    I tend to always carry a magnizium block and flint in addition to my multi tool on my person at all times, which is highly effective in producing a fire. Gathering tinder and kindling and wood for the job. However being a climate that we do see our fair share of rain and snow sometimes that important part of the equation, the tinder, is soaked an unusable. So it becomes important to pack tinder for just that time. The tinder I pack however is never dry!

    My tinder is comprised of two items: cotton balls and petrolium jelly.

    Placing the cotton in a bowl and slathering on the jelly then transfering to a zip loc baggie or other sealed container for your pack.

    Ignites every time with flint and steel and will burn for up to 10-15 minutes allowing you to add your kindling to get things rolling.

    Here is video I found on youtube to illustrate.” onclick=”;return false

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