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    I picked up my new copy of Trend it’s an off-road magazine they have some great info on fire starters.
    They did 5 different one’s.
    1. Instafire.
    Burn time 4.31minutes MSRP $2.00 per pouch.
    Pro’s its waterproof, easy to start
    Con’s needs to be put in other canisters. Because one will not need the hole pouch.
    2. Mini inferno
    Burn time 5.15minutes MSRP $8.00 Per6
    Pro’s waterproof, easy to light, gets very hot.
    Con’s none.
    Burn time 1.40minutes MSRP $4.00 per 12
    Pro’s easy to light, they are small,
    Con’s hard to take apart because they are small. Fast burn time. If you are cold could be hard to start.
    4. Wetfire
    Burn time 8.04 minutes MSRP $9.00 per 8
    Pro’s waterproof, long burn time, can be cut down into smaller pieces, and a hot flame
    Con’s will need a container if cutting them.
    5. Live fire sport
    Burn time 11.35 minutes MSRP $8.00 each
    Pro’s long burn time, waterproof, very hot flame
    Con’s hard to start

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