First Aid, Advanced Field Medical Training, Communications

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    First Aid, Advanced Field Medical Training,
    Communications & Swap Meet

    Noon to Dark- Friday
    8:00 am til 5:00 pm Saturday,
    8:00a til 11:00 am Sunday 10/19-21/2012
    Bertram, Texas- Northwest of Austin- 35 miles

    Attendance by RSVP Only- You MUST be on RSVP list

    Organized by -Burnet County MAG

    This meet is open for all to share a Safe, Friendly environment for family and individual alike
    Outdoors people, campers, hikers, hunters, fisherman to sell or trade your items with other like minded people. We encourage those who have a particular area of being prepared that makes you proud to bring a display for other to see and maybe ask questions on how you accomplished your project. Example: small solar power station using car batteries, etc. or makeshift toilet for your BOL or other skill you an “expert” at.

    PRIMITIVE CAMPING for 2 nights (Friday & Saturday )
    RV’s Allowed– NO HOOKUPS

    U Bring it- U haul it away for trash

    Attendance Fee- $ 10.00 per person for 1 or 2 days
    Includes- attendance, camping & exhibitor fee for trading or selling

    Raffle for equipment & items to be held

    Property owner rules sheet will apply to all attendees

    All firearms will be safed with a Zip Tie & must remain safed entire time on property
    Ammunition must be listed & reported at entrance
    Any firearms not reported MAY NOT be on property
    No illegal drugs
    No illegal activities
    Open fires only if permitted by local county burn bans
    You will need – Chairs, tables, Notepads, pens & pencils to take notes
    Gates will be secured after hours
    Video recorders not allowed for any reason; No distribution on Internet or ANY other media!

    Attendee Rules Sheet
    All alterations or additions to rules will be at discretion of Burnet County MAG

    BOB recommended for each attendee
    Bring your own chairs
    275 gallon IBC tote of rain water will be available on site; UR personal filtration needed prior to consumption- Potability not guaranteed;
    Bring your own beverages and food
    Port a Potties will be on site
    No Open Fires
    Bring BBQ pits or stoves with your own fuel

    Exhibitors Rules Sheet

    Additional rules sheet will apply to all Exhibitors & Traders;
    You furnish your own Tables & Canopies

    Exhibitors should plan to arrive and set up from 8AM – 11AM on Friday 10-19-2012

    Meet will end at 11:00 am on Sunday- 10/21

    Leave only Footprints.

    Secure check in at gate; Verification ID at sign in will be requested for Liability Relase All, please sign in using your User ID. With regards to OPSEC concerns you can “reveal” your names as you meet each other.

    No loaded firearms permitted

    Be cordial, mind your manners. Please keep the ”F” and “MF” bombs to a minimum.

    *****If the news media slips in please advise any member of BCMAG; choose your comments wisely or refuse to co-operate and direct them to BCMAG. Although this meet will be held at a remote location and a somewhat inactive road, drive ups are possible. Treat them with respect and encourage them to join a group.****

    Please remain on the site which is about 40 acres.

    For Exhibitors: A meeting will be called around 10:00 am Friday to discuss anything that you might want to bring up before it gets crowded.

    Contact for details of display space

    All LEGAL items for TPG members or that you want to sale or trade welcome!

    Hands ON Training which may save YOUR life!

    Medical Info to be covered by licensed Paramedics

    First Aid Awareness
    Common Medical Myths
    Difference between Hollywood and Real Life
    Questions & Resolutions to medical Myths
    Airway Management
    Bleeding Control & Shock Management
    Stopping Bleeding CORRECTLY
    Use of Hemostatic Agents
    Obtaining legal pharmaceuticals
    Effects and use of pharmaceuticals
    Questions on pharmacology
    Cardiology: Your heart, and how it all works together
    OBGYN Discussion

    What to Expect in a Society Breakdown

    First Aid Kits-
    Individual First Aid Kit
    Advanced Individual First Aid kit
    Family First Aid Kits- Additional Needs & Items
    Group First Aid Kits
    Portable Clinics
    Mobile Field Hospital Kits

    You get to ask Questions you do not want to ask your doctor or nurse!!


    Setting Up a Comms Plan

    Selecting Radios

    Base or Hand Held?

    Solar power


    VHF vs. UHF
    HAM radio

    Questions & Answers

    Swap Meet
    “A gathering for the barter or sale of articles or handicrafts

    A few of items already prepared for display; trade/barter/sale by BCMAG:

    Medical Kits



    Compound Bow


    Misc Hunting Items


    STI 40 S & W Pistol

    Marlin 30-30 Rifle

    Ruger New Blackwawk 38/357 & 9mm Cylinders w/ holster

    Browning 7mm Mag A bolt Rifle

    Remington Mod 552 .22 Rifle

    Weatherby Vanguard 7mm Mag Rifle

    Ammo brass
    7mm mag
    45 ACP
    44 MAG

    Camping gear

    Rifle hunting optics

    Water Safety Equipment

    Fishing equipment



    Military load bearing equipment (ALICE and MOLLE)

    NBC gear

    Military manuals

    Military cold weather gear


    BCMAG is looking for:

    Ammo brass-
    40 S& 9MM Luger
    300 Remington Ultra Mag

    Reloading equipment & accessories

    magazine 20+

    ammo cans

    Heirloom seeds

    small chipper/shredder for compost and brush

    Reschedule weekend will be 10- 26-27 in the event of rain out

    RSVP to or TACT-

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