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    I have just completed my first BOB kit and I would like to run the contents through this forum to see if I need to add or subtract any items. I am only 18 so I can not legally carry a pistol in the bag but I have one(M1911A1 with upgraded front and rear sight) radially available. I live near Fox Park in St. Louis and will move out of the city via the river through the industrial area to a friends property to the South. It took me 30 min to get to the Industrial Area and 3.5 hours down the river(not rushing) and 45 min to get to his house. It is about 18 mi by river and about 4 by land.

    –The Bag
    Tactical backpack Capacity Size: 16″width 28″Height 16″Depth
    Tactical Waist Pouch Size: 12″Width 7″ Height 5″Depth

    36 UST 5 year shelf life high calorie bars(6 packs of 6)
    45 water purification tablets(2 quarts per tablet)
    Snare Wire
    Fishing kit(line, hooks)
    Small net(18″ x 18″)
    2 Metal Water bottles(32 oz)
    Small Metal Pot with Lid(Seasoning tin inside)

    –First Aid
    3 Gauze Roll(3″ x 72″)
    7 Gauze Pads(4.5″ x 4.5″)
    7 Gauze Pads(3.5″ x 3.5″)
    7 Gauze Pads(3.5″ x 3.5″)
    25 Band Aids
    25 Knuckle Band Aids
    5 Quick-Clot Packet(2 oz)
    10 Burn Cream Packets(1 oz)
    60 spf Sunscreen(7 oz cream)
    Off Deep Woods(6 oz can)
    Deodorant Stick
    Gold Bond Powder(10 oz)
    Tooth Brush
    Tooth Paste
    Mylar Blanket
    First Aid Book

    Chain Saw(a chain with handles and saw teeth)
    Hatchet(18″ length)
    Machete(12″ lenget)
    Tanto Style knife(2′ of para chord around the Handle)
    Swiss Army Knife
    Leather-man Multi-Tool
    Mag-lite LED Flashlight(2 D batteries)
    2 Road Flares(15 min Burn Time)
    Zippo(extra flint inside lighter)
    30 UCO Storm-proof Matches
    Small Firearm Cleaning Kit
    Winchester .270 Bolt-Action Rifle
    ^^3-9 x 40 Scope
    Sling with 6 round holders
    Butt stock round holder
    50 rounds of Ammunition
    Small Allen wrench set(for scope)
    M19911A1 .45 ACP
    3 extra magazines already loaded
    50 rounds of ammunition

    UST Survival Blanket
    2 Plastic Ponchos
    Cloth Gloves(1 Pair)
    Canvas Gloves(1 Pair)
    (^^when put together very good insulation)
    Bonnie Hat
    Climbing Rope(150′ 500lb breaking point)
    550 para cord(100′)
    ENO hammock
    Rain Cover for Backpack
    Socks(1 pair)
    Compression Underwear(1 pair)
    T-Shirt(Dry fit)
    Utility/Cargo Pants

    500 Small Bills(20s and 10s)
    Important Documents(Birth certificate, SSN Card, Passport, Other Documents)
    Deck of Cards
    2 Pocket chargers
    Small weather Radio
    Charging Cable
    Cell Phone

    –What I would be wearing
    Utility/Cargo Pants
    Steel Toe boots
    Dry fit T-Shirt
    Insulated Coat(if cold)
    Plate Carrier(Ballistic Vest)
    Socks(1 pair)
    Non-slip work gloves

    Any and all helpful hints and criticism is welcome. 🙂 🙂

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