First year as a prepper

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    Well i have made it trough my first year of taking prepping seriously and I still want to keep on prepping.

    It has definitely been a learning experience. It started when i was stationed in VA and hurricane Irene hit and i was one of the sheeple who tried to get into walmart at the last minute grabbing flashlight and whatever looked good, then when hurricane Sandy hit and my unit went to New Jersey to provide aid and I started questioning things i never questioned.

    September 8 2013 i decided to make prepping a lifestyle instead of just living. I quit smoking and used the $10 a day for preps instead, what i have done in this year has me even amazed that i could do that. I have gone from barely a hundred rounds in the safe to 3700. A well stocked pantry became 4 months food supply. I started a little 8X8 garden and started canning. From that little garden spot i have made 9 quarts of pickles. 7 pints of pizza sauce and 6 pints of spaghetti sauce, the strawberries did’t make it long enough to be canned. There are tons of other little things that have been done to that i would never have even thought of as preps.

    To finish up before this get to long and drawn out. i just want to say thank you to everyone here who has shared there knowledge and wisdom and been so patient with me no matter what the questions were that i have asked

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