Fish Hitchhiking on Tsunami Debris

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    This photo came from nbc, depicting a fish thats hitched a ride on Tsunami debris. If you live in washington state, and you want to try and chase, catch, aquaponic or view something exotic on the shores, debris from the 2011 Tsunami carries many Japanese and non native fish to Washington shores. This one has some very pretty stripes. Biologists have spotted five of this species hitching a ride in the debris but other sea creatures, not just fish but seaweeds and invertebrates have been spotted in Washington State as well. For fisherman and foragers looking for edibles, the hitchiking sea creatures are both curiosities, and a reason to expand one’s fish, undersea edible, and plant knowledge to include recent arrivals like these. Best thing to do in this case IMO? Eat the invasive fish before they can get a foothold in the area, yuuuuuummmmm! Anyway, i figured it was worth mentioning for fishermen in WA. Most of what’s washed up and hitchhiked aren’t fish, but seaweeds and invertibrates. <33333 personally I'm jealous, I'd love to take that pretty little guy home and fry him up with butter, lemon juice, black pepper and vinegar.

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