Fish tranqulizer in slow, small streams

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    There are not many native plants in North America that will tranquilize fish that can be eaten afterwards but if you live in the south where Clove trees can be grown or have access to clove oil it is a commonly used fish tranquilizer in the aquatic industry that doesn’t make the fish toxic to eat.

    It works, I’ve used it to tranquilize my puffer fish to trim its teeth. It only took 3 drops of oil in a quart of water to make them go belly up to the surface in less than 10 seconds. Take them out, trim teeth, put back in fresh water and they perk right up.

    I would imagine it could be used for small fish in a small, shallow pond or slow or still stream if you really were hungry enough and had access to clove trees or clove oil. I’m not too sure on the amount of cloves needed, it may need to sit a while to work in larger amounts of water.

    I guess an added plus is that your catch would already have spices added. :thumbup:

    I have also heard that black walnut oil or husks will also tranquilize fish but have never tried it.

    Hope this might help someone if TSHTF some day.

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