Florida under water by late September

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    Moving to East Tennessee in July. I am going to 1900 ft elevation in the woods and underground.
    Florida is going to be underwater after the asteroid hits off of Puerto Rico on September 24.
    EMP and nuclear from countries trying to shoot it down will wipe out large metropolitan areas.
    We are looking for members with expertise in physics, electrical, chemistry, emergency medical care, air filtration ,
    truckers who own trucks and concrete construction experience with from $10-20K capital to build an underground nuclear bomb shelter.
    We have a group of possibly 10 Christian veterans and women with many skills and degrees.
    We have tractors,distillers,construction equipment,drones;wind, solar and water turbines ,Tesla generators,
    deep cycle marine batteries,grow lights,non-GMO seeds.etc. This is a team effort;no one person runs everything.
    Please PM me if interested.

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