Flu Watch 2013-14: Georgia (4 deaths this year)

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    Looks like the H1N1 Flu strain from 2009 is returning with an impact, this year. NOW would be the time to review your flu prep supplies (including cough/cold/flu meds and sick room supplies, arranging alternate child care, in case YOU get sick or consider having a flu buddy that can step in and help with keeping the family routine going.)

    hat Tip to “Shiloh” over at FluTrackers:


    Flu on the rise locally, four deaths reported
    by Asia Ashley Staff writer
    2 hours ago

    Flu season is back and, according to local health officials, has affected more people than in the previous year.

    At least four flu-related deaths have been reported in LaGrange this year, said Dr. Kenneth Horlander of Emory Clark-Holder Clinic…

    …Hundreds of people have been tested for the flu since November and 30 percent tested positive, Horlander said. Many of those occurred in adults between the ages of 30 to into their 60s.

    “The cases we’ve had that have been really sick have been the middle-aged people, where they get this pneumonia-type pattern,” Horlander said…

    …Several cases of the H1N1 virus, commonly known as the swine flu, and other severe flu cases have been increasing in LaGrange.

    “We’re having a worse case of this here in LaGrange than we had in the past,” Horlander said. “I don’t recall having this many patients as in prior years. A lot of people are requiring the ICU care and going on the ventilator and they’re the ones that have the chance of dying…”

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