Flu Watch 2013-14: Missouri

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    Looks like the H1N1 Flu strain from 2009 is returning with an impact, this year. NOW would be the time to review your flu prep supplies (including cough/cold/flu meds and sick room supplies, arranging alternate child care, in case YOU get sick or consider having a flu buddy that can step in and help with keeping the family routine going.)

    hat Tip to “Monotreme” at Pandemic Flu Information:

    St. Louis Area Seeing Spike in Influenza Cases
    December 26, 2013 EVA HAMBACH

    Local doctors say the St. Louis area is seeing a large spike in flu cases.

    “We are seeing some severe cases of influenza as well at local hospitals and this is being reported across the country,” says Dr. Hillary Babcock, an infectious diseases specialist at the Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

    New flu cases doubled over the past week in St. Louis County, jumping from 73 to 158 this week for a total of 371 this season.

    “The flu season is different every year and we’ve been actually fairly lucky, the last few years have not been too bad,” Babcock explained. “This is looking more like one of the older flu seasons, one of the more severe seasons with more cases and more severe disease.”

    Across Missouri, there were 744 new cases last week, bringing the season total to 2,100. That is a 300 percent increase from the five season median.

    “There is still time to get vaccinated. It does look like the circulating strain is a good match vaccine and getting vaccinated is the best protection that we have,” Babcock added.

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