Flu Watch 2013-14: Wisconsin

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    Looks like the H1N1 Flu strain from 2009 is returning with an impact, this year. NOW would be the time to review your flu prep supplies (including cough/cold/flu meds and sick room supplies, arranging alternate child care, in case YOU get sick or consider having a flu buddy that can step in and help with keeping the family routine going.)

    hat Tip to “Pixie” over at PandemicFlu Information:

    Dramatic increase in flu hospitalizations seen in Wisconsin

    13 hours ago • BILL NOVAK | bnovak@madison.com | 608-252-6483(0)

    A big increase in the number of hospitalizations for patients suffering from the flu has prompted state health officials to strongly encourage residents to get their flu shots.

    The virus that is causing the most problems is the A 2009 H1N1 virus, a bug that resulted in a worldwide pandemic in 2009.

    The Department of Health Services said in a news release on Thursday that 565 flu-associated hospitalizations were reported in Wisconsin since Oct. 5, and three-quarters of those cases happened since Dec. 14.

    Twenty-two percent of the patients were admitted to a hospital’s intensive care unit, and nine percent of the patients, who were either young or middle-aged adults, had to be put on ventilation.

    The latest statistical report on flu-related deaths didn’t show any in Wisconsin through Dec. 14. —CONTINUED—

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