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    I was reading another post and saw that many of you are discouraged that you can not get bulk items in your area. Have any of you tried seeing if there are any food co-ops in your area?? I would bet most if not all of you could find one at , they are the largest natural foods wholesaler in the country. Now, it’s centered more on natural/organic foods, so some of you may think it is more expensive…?? Still, they have sale lists and you get some good prices on real good quality food.

    However, I am sure there are also other co-ops that are more “mainstream”. I know I have one close to my house and I even live out in the country a bit. It’s worth a shot to look into, maybe do a internet search for food co-ops in your area. It certainly has been catching on.

    Oh and there is also Amazon. They sell bulk foods, but not sure how much of a deal you get on the mainstream stuff, I just shop for organics.

    Hope that this info might help someone out!

    Yah Bless

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