Food Co-Ops or LDS Canneries?

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    Anyone know of any food co-ops in southern Louisiana? I’m in the Baton Rouge area but intersted in anything within 2 hours of here. I’ve come across some AWESOME co-ops up north (found out about them on different blogs/websites I’ve visited) but can’t seem to find anything like that down here. There is one in Mississippi (called Rainbow I think?) but that’s about the closest I can find. I saw a listing about one in Monroe. Anyone know anything about that one? Looking to make bulk purchases and organic purchases more regular for us and it seems that in both cases a co-op will help make that affordable for us.

    Also, anyone konw of any LDS canneries in this area? I read that there used to be on in Slidell but can’t seem to get that confirmed.

    Would appreciate any info any of you can provide!

    Hope to see this local board take off a little more. It’d be nice to share info on different resources locally.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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