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    For those of you prepping on a budget, remember when you go shopping
    for food preps use coupons. You can get coupons from your local news
    paper or print them off line.

    for example toilet paper, you can print a coupon for white cloud
    toilet paper. $1.50 off any ( one ) white cloud pack of toilet paper (
    excluding 4 pack ). Priced at walmart it is $3.98 for a 6 pack, $2.48
    before tax with your coupon. You can get more than one pack but also
    need more than one coupon. The best deals are at your local grocery
    store that have their own in store specials, like 2X1 deals. Use your coupons with the
    in store specials to get the best deals. You can get some of your
    preps almost free.

    Another example. a store has del monte diced tomatoes on sale 2×1. The tomatoes are normally $1 a can,so you get 2 cans for $1. Good deal right? But, lets say you also have a coupon for .50 cent off del monte dice tomatoes. you just got 2 cans of dice tomatoes for .25 cent each.

    Remember also that stores will accept more than one coupon for a product. It’s a great way of getting canned goods for your pantry.

    Look for 2×1 deals and use coupons in conjunction with that deal. You WILL save a great deal on your food preps.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I’m here to help.

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