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    Ok Montanans, there’s probably a million posts about food storage out there and there’s definitely a plethora of info. But I’m just getting started and would like to here from some “neighbors” as to how you went about your building up your food supplies. i.e. got my honey from….. got my wheat from….. etc. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like there’s a lot of things on those lists that could be “Made in Montana” and purchased regionally instead of internet sales. Or if you bought a year supply from a place like Survival Acres or other retailer maybe you could shed light on who has the best deals going.

    I’ll start with a couple items that my friend who “opened my eyes” told me about.

    Unfiltered Pure Montana Honey- 2009 prices were approximately $1.60 per pound.
    Buhmann Apiaries Incorporated in Zurich, Montana (MT)
    245 1st Ave Zurich, MT
    406- 357-4194

    Montana Wheat
    As the name implies, you can purchase Montana grown wheat from them. Here is the link- click on Wheat Store to get right to it.

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