Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Update

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    Since I first got one in 2010 I’ve been a fan of Foodsaver GameSaver Silver vacuum sealers but that is no longer the case. The push button switches they use are crap. On my first Gamesaver the “seal” switch broke. Foodsaver doesn’t sell replacement switches. I switched to using Sorbent system bags instead of rolls I had to seal and that got me through since when using the vacuum seal switch the seal function still worked.

    Then I got another Gamesaver and almost immediately the on/off switch developed a glitch so it only works intermittently. However, when I can get the thing to turn on, the seal switch on it works fine and so does vacuum/seal switch.

    Neither of these units received any rough treatment at all so my conclusion is that the switches are simply very poor quality. I will NOT be buying another foodsaver product until they fix this problem.

    Also, the Foodsaver bags were junk. They almost never held a good seal. The Sorbent system bags are much better quality and cheaper.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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