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    Recent post noted that political & religious threads must be segregated to their respective and appropriate areas. This forum is privately maintained meaning that the owner is entitled to rule as he wishes and organize according to his own choices. I believe (note opinion here) that the aforementioned owner also values open and free exchange of ideas which necessitates a balance between rules and freedom. This is a common theme in all organizations that value liberty & free expression. Maintaining this balance also helps achieve a maximum of diverse thought. Diverse thought creates the environment where the “cream” rises to the top and the chances of finding truth exist and prevail. On the other hand, uncontrolled discourse creates a chaos where the loudest and most rude can gather enough support to squelch reason and unfairly destroy minority opinion. This is the old dilemma of maintaining the rights of a minority while promoting the rule of a majority. We see this pointedly in the larger society we inhabit. Note that it can also work the other way with a loud minority cloaking themselves in the cloth of victimhood can “cry out for justice”.

    Prepping is a huge concept. It incorporates all faces of the human condition from physical preparedness through mental and intellectual theory and spiritual mindset. Body, Mind, & Soul make up the individual and humanity as a whole whether denied or embraced the reality is always with us. To post about a prep related subject without noting the basic reasoning spiritual or political is often difficult or even dishonest. A post about long term food storage methods and means often will need a statement of the reasons that an author does what it is they do. Perhaps they see what Christians call the “End Times” or they see a coming political induced destruction of society. Describing those causes are in many cases integral to the means and method of the prep related topic.

    There is a bit of leeway & a judgment call required as to when the prep part of a post is overtaken by the religious or political underlayment. So far the moderators seem to have done a good job of sorting out the prep stuff that merely has a religious or political base and the places where the base takes over and the prep stuff is marginal. We have in our midst the occasional whiner and even I suspect a few political trolls with an agenda who use every opportunity to complain when “offended”. They try to influence the guardians to relegate thought that runs contrary to their agenda to areas of less notice. This is similar to the misnamed “free speech zones” we see implemented where speech is isolated and most definitely non free as it is silenced by obscurity. In my opinion the Trolls and the Organizing for America types need to be controlled as well as those who would go off the deep end with a political religious agenda. We’ve recently seen news that tells us that social media trolls are many times implanted by certain political movements to influence direction and opinion.

    Prepping is largely a Christian Conservative phenomenon. There are non religious folks and even the occasional misguided soul who espouses a Liberal Progressive (RED) world view. These folks according to my and many other’s values should be afforded equal rights and our respect. They are however not in the majority and will as pagans living in a Christian society, need to remember that things like their blood sacrifice is not appropriate in public and that expressions of Christian faith are something that they will need to put up with and ignore in deference to their neighbors who hopefully tolerate them.
    There is no right not to be offended except against unwarranted personal attack physical or otherwise.

    I do not envy the moderators their job of navigating between these two rocks as they will be the goats in many ways. It’s not possible to please everyone nor is it a good idea to try. Most times everyone will be unhappy with a decision.
    I wish them well and will continue to post, watch, read and listen to see how this all develops.

    I wish them all well as I believe them to be people of reason and good will.

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