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    We will be updating both the forum and the server sometime within the next couple of weeks. If there is anything to be certain of, there will be hiccups for sure. We’ve already done this upgrade for a few other sites first and so we know what we are up against. Some of the extensions that we use on this forum were never updated by their creators to be compatible with the newer phpbb forum versions.

    some of the things that might not work
    *The Notification bar that rotates along with the ads up top
    *Header images in the sub-forums
    *The portal page
    *The menu bar
    *The gallery
    *The state and group tags

    Other things that you may notice
    *error codes when posting

    When we make the transfer we will do so in a way that will not cause missing posts. But that also means the forum may be down for up to 24 hours during the transfer. After the transfer, I will work on the above issues.

    We are not Burger King and customer service is not my forte. So if we have any snowflakes who feel inconvenienced or offended we can start a gofundme page for tissue and handkerchiefs. For those of you with thick skin and who can handle a little down time, we’ll try to make things as seamless as possible.

    I will update you all soon as I know what day we will pull the trigger on the upgrade. :gunshooting:

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