Found Fall out shelter-HELP!

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    Hello all,
    My husband and I bought our first house a few years ago…one of my favorite parts of the home was the original 1950s fall out shelter that is under our basement. Its is connected to the basement via a set of stairs and two massive steel doors. It has electricity running to it, water lines that run into a water storage tank and a toilet that drains…well somewhere! LOL! We have also found two air lines with a hand crank air generator…they lines are clogged but we recently purchased a rotto rooter for our toilet and I manufactured a tip for it to clean the lines. Its truly a gem! BUT our house inspector recommended that we fill it and close it . I REFUSE to do this!!!!!! We are selling our house this year (we are military and its time to move again)…I want to redo the shelter so its a usable space and doesnt get filled! This is where i need help!

    This winter we are planning on cutting out the extremely rusted metal ceilings (it has poured concrete above them so not sure why they were even added). The stacked concrete walls have minor water infiltration, but mainly the water in this shelter is due to condensation. My plan is to scrub the hell out of the walls, ceiling and floor with some mold killer and insulating it. I do not have first hand knowledge and finding forums is difficult. I have read that once the walls are fully dry (so running 1-2 dehumidifiers for a month or two) I can spray foam the walls to keep outside water from coming in as well as help insulate it to keep it from condensation. This is what I need information on…ANYTHING-EVERYTHING! Please if you have info or tips please let me know!!!! I want to foam 2×2’s into the foam so I can attach paneling once its all done…we plan on foaming all the walls, ceiling and floors. HELP!!!! NEED INFO!

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